Since 1865, Shuron have been manufacturing quality frames from the best raw materials out of their family owned factory in South Carolina. PMO is a proud stockist of this classic eyewear brand - new range now in store.

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Amok - Atoms for Peace 

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I’m in love with this album.

I’m in love with Thom Yorkes voice. It makes me sad to know that one day, this mans heart will stop beating and all we’ll have is his recorded voice.


Atoms For Peace//Ingenue

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The will is strong, but the flesh is weak. Guess that’s it. I’ve made my bed and I’m lying in it.

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song of the day 03.13.13

dropped - atoms for peace  2013

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Atoms For Peace @ iTunes:

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1. Chris Clark - The Pining Pt. 1 [Warp]
2. Doom & Thom Yorke/Jonny Greenwood - R Fren [Lex Records]
3. Luke Abbott - Brazil [Border Community]
4. Thom Yorke/Jonny Greenwood - Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses [_xurbia_xendless]
5. Redshape - Man Out Of Time (Major Space Dub) [Present Recordings]
6. Kuodede - Golf [Taxila]
7. Colleen Et Les Boites a Musique - Bicycle Bells [Leaf]
8. Shed - Day After [50 Weapons]
9. Thom Yorke - The Twist (Unfinished Section B)
10. Thom Yorke - Has Been
11. Macel Dettman - Ellipse [50 Weapons]
12. Luke Abbott - Modern Driveway [Border Community]
13. Radiohead - Give Up The Ghost (Thriller House Ghost Mix) [Ticker Tape]
14. Thom Yorke - Harrowdown Hill (C90 Mix)
15. Radiohead - The Gloaming
16. Boys Noize - Kill The Kid [Boysnoize]
17. Other Lives - Tamer Animals (Atoms For Peace Remix) [50 Weapons]
18. Radiohead - Harmonics Loop
19. Bad Autopsy - Ginmixer [Ramp]
20. Phon.o - Fukushima [50 Weapons]
21. Adolfo Coelho - Socana N’gam [Lusafrica]
22. Trim & Riko - Trousers
23. Apostrophi - Average Joe
24. Mr. Oizo - Stunt [Ed Banger Records]
25. Throwing Snow & Louis Vines - Too Polite [Local Action]
26. Steve Reich - It’s Gonna Rain Pt. 1 (1965) [Nonesuch]
27. DJ Tre - Ping Pong Track [Skratch-A-Trak]
28. Aphex Twin - Cilonen [Rephlex]
29. DJ Slugo - Juke Me From The Back Low
30. Thom Yorke - The Drunkk Machine [XL]
31. Firefox & Glamour - Check Da Skills [Gold Philly Blunt Records]
32. Thom Yorke - The Hollow Earth [_xurbia_xendless]
33. Macc & DgoHn - Forget Stuff [Rephlex]
34. Wishmountain - Walkman [Antiphon]
35. Oneohtrix Point Never - I Only Have Eyes For You
36. Alex Cortex - Huyendo [Klang Elektronik]
37. Radiohead - Bloom (Jamie XX Club Remix) [_xurbia_xendless]
38. Abu Sultan - Your Love Made My Head Hurt [Sham Palace]
39. Diplo & Blaqstarr - Get Off (Rob 3 Remix) [Mad Decent]

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